Nate Iverson photography website launch

November 07, 2021

I never thought I'd be launching my own photography website. Typically I just think of myself as this goofy guy walking his dog and checking out cool looking leaves, flowers, and fauna.

Nate with large leafNate with large leaf

You will probably see me most days walking my elderly dog Hamilton around Adrian, Michigan with a 600mm lens slung over my shoulder. 

Hamilton eating stuff he finds in the grassHamilton eating stuff he finds in the grass

I often find myself drawn to intricate little details and frequently ask myself how little can I show in a photograph to capture the essense of a subject. As an assistant professor of mathematics, I don't find taking a picture all too different from approaching a math problem. I try to approach from different angles or techniques. Genuine engagement and thinking through what you want to try to do is essential in both mathematics and photography. You might think that it's all technical for me, but even though I excel in technical details, I find myself working in a much more intuitive space. Instead of focusing on the minutia of the operation of a camera or editing software, I prefer to think about what I want to accomplish with a photo and how I can use its elements to serve the subject.

flower photograph with minimalist tendanciesflower photograph with minimalist tendancies

The recent rebranding of facebook to be the metaverse has put me off the platform and instagram entirely. To me it seems they would rather change their name and hope we forget all the problematic choices they have made at all levels than fix their platform. So I decided to rebrand for myself and no longer create or consume content from facebook / Instagram (I do ocasionally still use it as a communication tool or directory). 

I also have interest in shooting more portrait work, especially dramatic style portraits with studio lighting. If you are interested in working with me for some studio portraits please use the contact form. 

All my photographs are posted for your own personal enjoyment only. Just because I share some of my low resolution images online does not mean they lack value. If you would like to use any of my work for any other purpose or want prints please use the contact form and I am happy to negotiate.  

Thanks for visiting!